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I have just received a second reply to my original question. It seems that row sorting is conflicting with the move command. I need to make some changes to my script and conduct some tests. The text of the reply from omni is quoted below and it has restored my faith in Omni - phew!


Thanks for getting back to me! I apologize for my previous brief response—I thought maybe you could get a faster response from folks in the forums who are very adept with AppleScript rather than having you wait while I went through the process of dissecting your script and getting up to speed with AppleScript all at once.

Upon closer inspection of the file you provided along with the AppleScript, the trouble you are running into appears to be a conflict between the script and the sort settings on particular columns. If sort is disabled on the 'Completed' field, for instance, the script behaves as you intend.

The issue was discovered by triggering the script and then stepping through the undo stack, at which point the trouble relating to sort surfaced.

I hope that helps! Please be in touch if you run into any other trouble or have questions or concerns down the road. Thanks again for your continued support!


Steve S.
Support Human
The Omni Group