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Are all actions on dates in iCal supposed to always show up in OF, or only when they are new actions entered first in iCal? In other words, after synching OF with iCal, and then dragging the resultant To-do items imported by the sync from OF, ie., dragging them from their column list in iCal, to particular iCal calendar dates, are the dates thus specified for these OF actions then supposed to appear back in OF, once a sync is again performed in OF?

I find no documentation for this. I do see that new actions entered into iCal ARE supposed to then populate back to OF. There's no mention of whether existing OF actions, for which dates are specified in iCal, are supposed to populate back with their new dates into OF.

Anybody know?

Absent the ability to specify OF dates in iCal, what good is syncing the two applications, if all you can do is one-way date specification for brand new actions from iCal to OF?

Anybody know? Hello! Is anyone there?