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Greg, thanks very much for your quick reply and helpful information. I must say, though, the information you shared is disappointing. What OF would greatly benefit from is a GUI showing a calendar or some form of timeline, in which actions that are sequentially scheduled by their due dates could be seen in overview. The benefit is that one could thereby through a quick visual overview assess all the work to be done over, say, one week; and know confidently that it is proportional to one's available time and energy; and visualize with greater clarity and enthusiasm the completion/outcome of the scheduled work. Visualizatioin is a key skill that David Allen emphasizes. It is a pity that OF is so "monochromatic" in this regard.

Where's the OF moderator? You should add this to the development team's customer wish list: that this application, of the things, by the things, for the things to be done, shall not perish from requiring users excessively focus visually on such a granular, time-bereft graphical interface. Columnar lists of due dates does not pack the PUNCH!!!!!!

Anyone else have an opinion on this? Wouldn't it be good if one could drag and drop actions into a calendar's date as a way of scheduling due dates (or start dates, or both!) ?

I'd like to see some conversation around this, or some pointers/links to other messages that address this. Any takers?