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Anyone else have an opinion on this? Wouldn't it be good if one could drag and drop actions into a calendar's date as a way of scheduling due dates (or start dates, or both!) ?
I agree with what whpalmer4 posted above. Allen is very clear that the "Hard Edges" of a calendar and a task list must be observed to keep a trusted system, and once those edges are blurred, much of the value of GTD as a system is lost.

Personally, I'd be against a calendar in OmniFocus; not necessarily because of what David Allen says, but because I want a task manager-not a PIM. Add a calendar and then the next natural extension is to add an address book and pretty soon you have a full-blown PIM that does a lot of things, but doesn't necessarily do anything especially well. I'm happy with Mail for my email (I don't use the notes or tasks there either), Address book for contact info, and iCal for events that must be on a calendar.