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I have not used python before, but the script looks clean. I need to specify a resolution for each canvas to support the different screens in iOS. An example of a OmniGraffle Pro document where each canvas is an icon (i.e.: a deck of cards).

$ omnigraffle-export -f png --resolution 1.0 cards.graffle DeckImages

$ omnigraffle-export -f png --resolution 2.0 --suffix "@2x~iphone" cards.graffle DeckImages
The --resolution is the omnigraffle applescript "export setting - resolution"
The --suffix will be added to the filename.

If the canvas was named ace, then ace.png, and ace@2x~iphone.png would be generated.

When I get to the point of export my cards, I'll make the changes to your script. Unless, of course, you add it first ;)