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Hi Kent,

Glad you find it useful. Please feel free to clone it on github and add these functionalities.

The --resolution will be very simple to add:

From the ASDictionary for OmniGraffle suites:
  • resolution short_float -- The number of pixels per point in the resulting exported image (1.0 for 72 DPI)
so in the export method you add new parameter and use it like:

The --suffix will be probably even easier as you could reuse the namemap argument for the export all. It is a lambda function (like a block in objc) and so you call it:

schema.export_all(target, fmt=format, force=options.force, namemap=lambda c, f: "%s%s.%s" % (c, suffix, f)))
The c is the canvas name and f is the target format and the suffix is your suffixed obtained from the options.suffix. You need to add both options to the option parser: parser.add_option.

Hope it help,