Thread: Black screen?
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I seem to be experiencing the same thing described by Cike exactly. I was even able to take a screen shot of the black screen. I have found that the home screen button acknowledges that I have pressed it but does not refresh the screen (remains black). All other buttons on the toolbar seem to work. I usually just end up pressing the iPhone's home button and then going back into OmniFocus.

Bumming me out because it seems to happen more times than not. Hope a bug fix is on the way soon.

And Omni (if reading this) please direct any available energy toward using OmniFocus for iPhone (of just OmniFocus). I know you all are busy, but I'm having to scrape the web to find specific ways of using your great but deep and complex software. The more examples of how people can specifically use your software the better. So far the best examples of use for OF for iPhone I've found on others blogs. The demo videos for all apps seem to be outdated now that I think of it. Too busy making the software's still a shame though.

Thanks either way.