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This is a cornerstone of the software. Start Dates is one of the most important aspects of making sure you are looking at the most relevant activities at any given time. Setting a "Start Date" will hide the action from view (unless you choose to see all actions) and then have it show up when ready. So, using your example before about calling Joe in three weeks - input the action and set a start date for three weeks from now. It will not appear on any of your "Available Action" lists - so it is not on your mind at all. And then in three weeks - if you have growl set up - a little window will appear that morning saying "Call Joe." If you don't use growl, then it will just be sitting there in your available actions list, waiting for your attention.

Now it will be visible on your Available actions. You can choose now to set a due date (if you really want to!) flag it, let it sit or better yet - Call Joe!