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Editing to add: The down side of this is that many tasks that I _could_ do, that might happen to be the perfect task for some particular moment, won't appear at that moment because I set their Start Date to some date in the future. I'm largely disregarding this for now, because having too many tasks keeps me from even looking at my task list at all, and that's worse. Eventually when I can handle a longer task list, I'll try to restrict my use of Start Dates. But I'm not there yet.
Yeah, that was exactly the downside I was worried about when I asked for clarification! Tried to express it, couldn't, and then just decided to ask for clarification ... and you've said it perfectly.

And I completely agree that it's the lesser of evils.

Certain kinds of actions are especially suited to this strategy, though, and I started using it immediately after you first posted it. It just suddenly seemed natural and obvious for some tasks.