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Item #1: I have found it helps to relieve the anxiety of having too many things to just go in and start marking as completed, or deleting, things that I thought of and typed in...but probably am not going to do. Just cross stuff off. Guilt sucks as a motivator. Just cross off stuff. If you screw up and cross off something you should not have, it will probably come back anyway. You can't do everything you can think of. It's OK to type in everything you think of -- clears the RAM in your head, lets you move on, helps you process. But typing it in doesn't mean you are honor bound to do it. The GTD police will not bust you: just cross off stuff. See Item #2:

Item #2: as others have noted on this thread, the secret is to get regular and systematic about weekly reviews. Set up a perspective for your reviews. It finally dawned on me that I don't have to review all projects at the same time, a big three hour weekly ordeal. The inspector in project view neatly lets you stagger the review schedule. I have some projects I schedule for review every few days because they're on fire. Others need a look once a month. Etc. Most projects once a week -- but some of those weekly ones I look at on Monday, some on Tuesday... Stagger your project reviews, but DO them religiously.

Item #3. Create a to-do that pops up every day or two to look at what you need to review.