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I've been using GTD and OF since Christmas. I certainly don't consider myself an expert, but I've read the book and I've really changed my method of organizing myself and my work.

My recent problem I've been having is that my work environment is just completely e-mail crazy - _everything_ is e-mail driven. I've summarized that my priority list consist of who is most frequent and most loud in my Inbox. It drives me crazy.

Trouble is, in a dynamic environment where there are too many cooks in the kitchen on everything, not responding to e-mail or problems that are in the current "flow" of the majority of people results in you getting left out of decisions. This can be problematic because decisions are made that can adversely affect you, or you can essentially lose clout or face if you're not actively participating. Maybe this is a personal problem? ;-)

So, I have these big lists in OF, I use OF Services in Mail to generate Actions based on e-mails, but really OF seems to be relegated to my "Don't forget to check this" list, instead of my "Focus on this now" list.

In short, @Work I can rarely get to my OF list of Next Actions. OF seems to not drive my work.

Home is another story, OF is working great @Home. @Work however, it seems everyone keeps switching my Contexts on me.

Maybe I'm not looking for solutions so much as empathy? In the real madness of dynamic, scattered, and voluminous information, GTD seems to really be breaking down on me and not really helping me focus.