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Hello Omni people,

I'm having trouble getting speech commands to work in my machine (17" PowerBook 1 GHz, OS x 10.4.6), both within the system and within OmniWeb. I haven't attached an external microphone, but the PowerBook has one built in, and it doesn't seem to be working either for the system or for OmniWeb regardless of how close I try to get to it.

I'm using OmniWeb 5.1.3, which appears here to be the latest version.

I've enabled the Speakable Items in Speech system prefs but nothing seems to be happening. No OmniWeb Speech recognizer tool has popped up, except for the system's round Speech microphone application. (I have the impression from the OmniWeb help info that there is a speech recognizer tool with OmniWeb, but nothing has popped up. I did enable that functionality in OmniWeb's prefs, though I can't seem to find where I did that now. I'd thought maybe there was a sound or microphone pref panel in OmniWeb's prefs, but I don't see it now. Anyway, I did enable that functionality.)

I looked in the Applications folder of my user's Speakable Items folder and don't see anything within the OmniWeb folder, nor in any of the other applications. Should there be something there?

I also looked in the Plugins prefs for OmniWeb. I don't see any Speakable Items tool. The only other thing of note in the plugins prefs is that it mentions that the Adobe Acrobat plugin is invalid--missing a resource. (I've no ideas about that; I've installed Acrobat Reader 7.0.7 and haven't had anything come on insisting on downloading and installing another installation.)

I'd appreciate any help you might be able to give, both for OmniWeb and for the system. I'm having a problem with my hands and need to be able to use them.

Best wishes,