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Hi Omni,

Great first release of your iPhone app. Had an idea that I'd like to share.

I'm not a fan of typing. Especially on mobile devices. Sometimes, you just gotta do it. But seems for the most part, seems that need not be the case with tasks anymore.

For a while now, I've been using Jott to capture my messages from my phone. I have a custom JottLink that parses the text to determine due dates, projects, contexts, etc. And then forms the structured OF mail messages to send to myself. picks them up and tosses them into my workstation's OF database. Lovely. No typing. Just no way to view tasks from device yet (was waiting for iPhone OF app before I dug into that one).

So the idea (feature request, if you like) is to enable voice transcription to OF-iPhone right on the device itself. Maybe you add the capability; or maybe you talk to Jott and take advantage of their expertise (they already have an iPhone app too; though I think it uses their transcription service on servers, not on device). I can see why Jott may want to keep items in their notes/task list. But maybe they would open it up, and do something like JottLink local to the iPhone.

Whatever the implementation, hopefully the idea is clear and resonates with other users as well.