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I've been using this great applescript by OF user William McKeehan to sync a perspective with the todo.txt app for android:

Todo.txt doesn't present the info in the nicest fashion visually, but you get most of the important stuff and you can filter by project/context, flagged, etc. It also has dropbox sync built-in, so any time you do a sync, it will update the todo.txt file and push the newest info to your phone.

If you are running an android device that has 4.0 or greater on it, there's another app called simpletask, which is a fork of todo.txt with holo theming and a few other goodies. It's currently free too, whereas todo.txt is $1.99.

If you mark an action item completed in todo.txt, the script will mark it as complete in omni when you run it and sync. If you create new items in todo.txt, the script will also add these times to omni. If you specify a project/context, etc., this stuff will also get added.

Todo.txt has a simple syntax for entering items, because it's a plain text task management app (the syntax is similar to taskpaper). Projects get a + in front of them. contexts get an @.

If you have flagged items, they come into todo.txt as a context called @flagged.

The script also automatically replaces spaces in any OF context or project with underscores, so that todo.txt can properly parse each line item for contexts and projects. Going back in the other direction, the script removes the underscores for you.

All in all, it's not a bad way to go, as it also has the added benefit of making your todo items available on a windows machine via dropbox and a program like (actually, because the file is plain text, you can look at your todo items using any text editor or maybe even a web browser in a pinch).

If there's a downside other than the look of the items themselves in the todo.txt app, it's that the script can be a little slow.

But at least for me, that hasn't been a huge issue. You might be able to automate the syncing with a hazel rule if you're into that. If so, it might make sense to add a script step at the end of AS that closes OF, unless you want it to just stay open all the time on one of your machines.

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