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I am not sure what your problem is, there are many ways to produce what you want.

To space anything equi-distant from anything else, you need to use the Grid (Major/Minor), after having set the Grid up for yor drawing.

You can do it with or with magnets; if you use magnets you can easily set them equi-distant from each other (again, helps to have the Grid set up first).

Then use mid-points to make the lines meaningful.

Here an example of (1) simple (no mid-points) connections with or without magnets (2) lines with mid-points so that there is room for labels or whatever.

For more specific diagrams (3), I find it is easier to draw the sockets (small boxes with one magnet each) which are aligned to Grid. That allows immediate identification of unused slots, etc. Groups the sockets with the device shape.
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