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I don't think the current behavior for embedded graphics - to show a tiny square "Preview" logo icon with JPEG - is an improvement. But because I'm seeing both behaviors (full color, nice preview image and truncated icon) in the same OF file, I'm wondering if I still can have the image show by default.
I think OmniFocus displays the image if it's under a certain size, otherwise it shows the file's icon. I'm not sure what rules it uses to decide whether an icon or the full image should be displayed. After a cursory look through my library, it seems to maybe be around 48K, but I'm not sure if that's the only rule used. I suspect OmniFocus does this for performance reasons.

Your earlier post made it sound like you were looking for icon previews (i.e. attachment icons that depict the file's contents in the icon itself, like the Finder offers). This, of course, is somewhat different from what we see in OmniFocus 1.6.1, which displays the actual contents of certain files rather a preview icon.

Whether you want preview icons or actual file contents to always be displayed inline (regardless of performance impact), the next step is to send a feature request to the Omni Group via the Help -> Send Feedback command in OmniFocus. Maybe they'll consider some of these options for a future release.