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I just downloaded OmniWeb. I am trying to restrict it to just certain web sites. I first created a list of allowed sites in the preferences such as "apple\.com" in the allowed content in Ad Blocker. Then I add "/*" in the blocked content in Ad Blocker which I understand is the expression for blocking all sites.

However, as soon as I add "/*" as the blocked content, my bookmarks do NOT show up (they disappear the next time I start OmniWeb). If I then remove the "/*" from the blocked content list, my bookmarks reappear when I restart OmniWeb. (Otherwise, the browser acts as expected, allowing access to only the web sites I listed.)

Any ideas? I want to:

1 - block all websites so I can then ..
2 - allow only specific web sites (a small number)
3 - create bookmarks to some of these allowed sites


(Using Mac OS X 10.6.2)