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I'm sadly getting disillusioned with Omni's apparent lack of development regarding OmniFocus.

In the last few days, I've learnt that the reason an 18-month old bug hasn't been sorted is that you have to vote for bug fixes. I'm not talking about new feature requests but bug fixes!! It's been my experience that most end-users rarely bother to add a review on the App store let alone email support or vote on bulletin boards.

I evangelised about the App to anyone who would listen when it was first launched, and I know of at least a couple of dozen individuals who subsequently purchased it, but lately I really don't feel comfortable recommending it.

I've been reading through historical threads so I know that I'm not the only one who is concerned by the lack of bug fixes and development. The last upgrade added Perspectives to the iPhone and it's a nice touch (although really only valuable to those with the desktop package) but I'd have preferred that Omni fix the flakey Nearby feature that is worse than useless or sorted out the missing Pick Photo from the camera roll. I had to laugh when a mate called me up recently after purchasing to ask why Landscape Mode is an Experimental Feature!

I have my own feature requests out there, the ability to copy-and-paste from actions, email from within the App to delegate or export actions, import of opml data, multiple contexts, shared project folders, etc. but I accept that there may only be a few of us wanting these things. However, I do feel Omni should really set out to fix what isn't working. On the plus side, I'm always impressed by the prompt responses from the Ninjas and in awe of the generosity of members who take the time and trouble to help others out (take a bow, whpalmer4!).

I guess I believe an App such this with premium pricing needs not only compelling features to justify itself but regular updates to fix known problems. When it was first launched I had great faith, having read many of the suggestions on this board and Omni's responses, that within a few releases it would be the platinum-standard for GTD.

I also recognise that until Apple allows App upgrades via in-App purchase that it must be difficult for companies such as Omni to commit to updating Apps without the ability to generate a continuing revenue stream.

However, in the interim, unless they are willing to fix the bugs and develop the product then how will it survive?

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