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All software has bugs. Omni does a pretty good job of fixing bugs that are serious and affect a number of people. You don't mention your "bug" so it could be something obscure that is your pet bug that's not affecting many people, or others don't care about.

Omni has limited resources, and as such, it's possible that obscure, small bugs don't get fixed for quite a while. Such is life.

Aside: I only read the first couple sentences of your post because you really need to use a little punctuation.
Hi CatOne
As you didn't read all of my original posting, I appreciate you didn't understand what bugs I was talking about. I don't think that they are "obscure, small bugs" and having checked out other threads, I note a lot of people agree with me about the missing "Pick Photo" button (it appears on the iPod Touch, not on the iPhone) and the useless Nearby feature. Re: your "Aside" do you mean paragraphs, rather than punctuation? If so, thanks for the tip, I'm more than happy to edit it.

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