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I use OF for my nightly tasks at work (gy shift) and used the way OF smart-sorted tasks with a due-time to the top of the list to cause my important tasks to be prioritized, regardless of project they're in.

For instance, I have several projects named TA1, TA2, TA3, T2, T2-2, and Misc Work, in that order, all with context: Office. I would give important tasks a due-time to cause them to be sorted to the top of the list by due-time in context view, regardless of which project they were in. So for instance, while most of the tasks in Misc Work wouldn't be sorted above any tasks from the other projects, the two important tasks in that project that had due-times would be.

NOW that OF has stupid-sort, stubbornly adhering to the task order w/i the project, and the project order w/i the context, it's practically useless to me.

I'm talking about over 200 tasks here on a nightly basis, that I now have to scroll up and down through to find the ones of importance as they come up - a tedious method that was the very reason I purchased OF for in the first place. I might as well return to a paper checklist and egg timer.

The only solution I can think of would be to put all my important tasks into one project and somehow marking them with a note which REAL project they're from. That's still over 100 tasks I have to edit in order to make it work again when it was NOT broken before.

Thanks Obama!