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Interesting jpg.

Although my own process differs as I include monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews. Each review is more significant and deeper than the other.

I tend to review on the iPad app, as the UI is wonderful but it is fully possible to do it on the mac version if that is all you have. If you have the ipad version just give it a go - I think you will find it instantly makes sense.

If not, on the mac add to your action bar the default perspective "review" and the "mark as reviewed" icon. And start moving through reviewing each of your projects.

The best tip is to set the default review period to something that makes sense for you. For example, you may want to review project1 weekly, but project2 only monthly or even quarterly - I also have projects that I review yearly. It is the horizons of focus stuff in the Getting things done book.

I hope that is helpful.