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I use the review weekly on my Mac. Tried the iPad version and hated it. Reason is I like to review my projects in groups. So I click review and then select only the stalled projects. That allows me to see which ones are missing a next action. Once those are edited to have a next action and I click review on them I then move to the pending projects, to give me a sense of what is coming up. Next are on-hold projects (where I park all someday/maybe projects). During that I may set to active a project I need to get going on. When I do that it disappears from the review which is exactly the behavior I want. Then I do active projects. If as I 'm looking at them I have too many in a particular AOF I may set a few to on-hold. It's where I fine tune what I will focus on this next week. Lastly I check remaining to see if I've missed anything.

The inability to look at groups of projects that way on the iPad makes reviewing there impossible for me. With almost 1000 projects total in my system I can't handle the volume any other way. I typically have about 200 active current projects at any given time.