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I have a group of 15-20 tasks all assigned to one resource. If I level the plan, the tasks schedule out more or less as I expect. However, if I then go in and put start no earlier than and end no later than constraints on all the tasks (two different date ranges with 5 tasks in one and the rest in the other) and level again, I get 5 - 10 tasks that overlap. The resource is scheduled 100% of 100% to each task, so I end up with a plan that has 5 or more days work scheduled each day for some period.

If I make the tasks depend on a milestone on the desired start dates, and then level, it levels as I expect. I really would like to constraint them though because I want to see what tasks are ending up pushing past my target end dates.

So, is this a problem somewhere between my keyboard and chair, is there another way to do this, or is there an issue in the software?