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Recurring items are synced up to my iPhone without any issues, However, if I complete them from my iPhone the times get messed up.

For instance I have a daily recurring task with a start time of 08:00 and due time of 22:00. Marking this task complete on my Mac generates a new task the following day starting at 08:00 and due at 22:00. This is as expected and good :) Syncing up to the iPhone at any step in the process perfectly reflects what is going on on my Mac.

However, when I complete the same daily recurring task from my iPhone a new task is created with a start date of 10:00 for todays date and a due date of 00:00 for tomorrow. Syncing this back to my Mac gives me the new task altogether with the original recurring item untouched. :confused:

The only way I have found to handle this behaviour is to only complete recurring items from my Mac :(

Apart from this single issue I am absolutely delighted with how OmniFocus works with my iPhone and I am not even bothered by setting up recurring items from my Mac, if only I could complete them from anywhere.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help resolve this issue.

Thanks for a great product