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That's really a matter of opinion and what's important to you. Personally, I'd rather have the Quick Look functionality in Omni Focus over the tiny icon and embedded name used in OmniOutliner. But to each his own.

Hmmm.... I was just reviewing my OF file and realized that I DID have the functionality I'm looking for, but now it's apparently gone. One example: I bought what turned out to be a great bottle of champagne for a retirement party. I wanted to get more. I went online, found details about the vintage, and pulled a small image of the bottle/label into an OF project notes field. It's still there, displaying (elegantly and usefully, in my opinion) the full image.

I don't think the current behavior for embedded graphics - to show a tiny square "Preview" logo icon with JPEG - is an improvement. But because I'm seeing both behaviors (full color, nice preview image and truncated icon) in the same OF file, I'm wondering if I still can have the image show by default.

I'm using OF Pro 1.6.1 (v77. Tried to attach a screenshot of the preferred behavior, so we'll see if it works.