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Any image greater than 512 pixels in width or height will be represented as a file attachment (typically a full-page PDF document). This is configurable via the hidden OSImageAttachmentMaximumSize default. For example, if you'd like to change this limit to 1000 pixels, you would enter this in a Terminal window:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus OSImageAttachmentMaximumSize -int 1000
After doing this, quit and relaunch OmniFocus to see larger images inline.

(I knew we'd posted this information somewhere at some point, but it took me a while before I found it buried in the release notes archive…)
Thanks, Ken. This clears up the varying display behavior. I had done some digging myself on the forum and elsewhere, but I figured someone would know where the secrets were buried...

And thanks to Dennis, too, for helping to clarify the issue at hand.