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I am a registered owner of OmniGraffle 4 standard. I wanted to create a document with multiple pages and that didn't seem to be possible. It seems to be only a feature in OminiGraffle 4 Pro. I went to your web site and it seems that I can upgrade to OmniGraffle 5 and that has "multiple canvases"

This seems to work, however there is no way to create a master canvas. Your documentation is wrong. It says that you can create a master canvas by selecting one from the list and copying it. There is no list of master canvases.

Checking your forums there seems to be some discussion over something called "Shared Layers" This also does not work in OmniGraffle 5.

So, I'm completely confused. How do I create a document with a master canvas that I can use as a basis for other canvases? If this feature has been removed then you need to update the documentation to remove this and add documentation regarding your "Shared Layers"

This is a simple task and it's really frustrating that I can't get this working.