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I found a simple divide of my folders into Personal and Work most effective for my needs (plus additional folders for Anti-Procrastination, Someday, Maybe).

Under each I have within the two main folders DAILY ACTIONS, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, ANUALY (for those which repeat) and one for SINGLE ACTIONS.

Within each folder I have Actions (which function as my projects) and under those all of the steps I need to do to achieve that goal.

All has been good.

When I try to sort these Actions (for example Remaining, Due, Due, Remaining, Any Status, Any Duration) I get a list that includes all of my actions. Those which need be done next highlighted in a color or bolded per my settings. However, with OmniFocus on my iPad all of the Actions I don't need to see are pruned away.

What step am I missing to get the same view in Omni Focus on my iMac?

Said again, I would like to see only the Actions which are due next and not all of the other actions.