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There are two obvious possibilities. The first and easiest is to try is to clear your History.

The second is that you are suffering from the notorious OmniWeb 5.5.x Javascript garbage collection bug (which is more likely to occur the longer you have been browsing and the more sites you have visited, especially any that utilise JS to a great extent). The only cure to this bug is OmniWeb 5.6 once it arrives as the problem lies in the version of WebKit that 5.5.x is based upon. The temporary solution is to quit OmniWeb.

However, before doing any of that, it will help OmniGroup diagnose your problem if you perform a sample on the OmniWeb process (use Activity Monitor which is in the /Applicaitons/Utilities folder, select the OmniWeb process in the listing and choose to Sample it from one of the menus, I forget which). Send them the sample (preferably using the Send Feedback option from the OmniWeb help menu) with a description of what you were doing at the time the beachball occurred.