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We (turks) had to access the famous (here) with IP address as some morons reported them to cops so they lost their DNS entry at turk telecom for sometime via court order.

This thing should be handled by companies offering "protection proxy" to their customers, 3rd party tools AND mail clients such as Eudora which does phishing protection offline (via simple logic). In fact Eudora invented the offline phishing protection.

I keep saying offline as I know Omnigroup can't run their own host, it is a very huge bandwidth and tens/hundreds of people required to handle such services by keeping list, getting attacked (yes,phishers DOS attack) and remember this... It will sound very funny but if Omniweb starts to send your URL to their own Omnigroup host, via TLS whatever, people will jump up and down shouting "spyware".

At least clueless, lame Mozilla fanatics will do it. It became "ideological" fight rather than "technical". About one should pay for a browser or not. So, expect every kind of stupid attack from fanatics.

Note: I use Fanatic instead of fan on purpose by its meaning. Not saying anything about fans.