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Unfortunately it's a major number of humans who are just plain stupid and just don't think when they get e-mails that ask them for info and log in details. If you stopped them in the street and asked them to hand over all their money and car keys they would tell you to ***k **f. Send them a simple email written by a Nigerian or Russian bonzo who can't spell or enunciate properly and they will send details.
Software companies can make capital out of this (good luck to them, business is business) and get you to hand the money over to them to provide a blocking mechanism or a browser writer to build in anti phishing capabilities but I believe the best deterrent is to let people get suckered in and lose their money.
All banks and financial institutions inform all their customers not to give out details but people for some reason ignore this advice.

What we really need to do is get all the good folk en mass to go to these sites and fill in the details with nonsense and bring down the servers.