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I searched around and didn't find any answers to this, if the answers are out there please feel free to just direct me towards them.

I use OmniFocus at home and at work. To facilitate this I have 2 folders, one called 'Personal' and one called 'Work'

My perspectives at home focus on the 'Personal' folder, my perspectives at work focus on the 'Work' folder.

The only problem is I don't know a way to make a new project in the quck entry window, and have it nest to the right folder.

For example, if I am at work and have a new project called "Hire new programmer" I want to list out the first task, and then in project I want to be able to do something like type "Work : Hire New Programmer" and have it create the new project, already nested into the proper folder.

Right now the only way I can figure out to do it is make the thing, and then break my groove by opening OmniFocus in projects view, which I rarely use, so that I can drag the project to the right place.