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Hi all.

I'm a complete Omnifocus newbie but love the concept and I'm very keen to make myself more efficient/reliable!

Setting up the various contexts and projects I can understand the general principles I think. The problem is I'm not au fait with GTD!

I can see that I might make a project called "groceries" and within that use contexts for different places I shop. The problem comes with my work: my photography orders come in electronically. I then edit and send them to the lab, the lab returns the prints and I send them out to clients myself.

Would I be better to have a project called "orders" and move orders between two contexts, say "pre-lab" and "post-lab", so I can keep track of where they are in the process? Would moving orders between two projects be more correct?

I know this is basic but I want to get it right!

Many thanks in advance