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Hi nicomorgan,

First I'd like to make a minor suggestion to move your grocery list to a 'single action list' rather than a project. As you cannot complete 'groceries' as it is continually being added to, in the GTD methodology, a SA list is more appropriate.

To address your main question, it depends on how different your actions are for the pre-lab or post lab elements of photography. If they are very similar, you could just have a single project and keep them in a general 'Computer' context. If you need finer visualization, I think you have it right to create two contexts. Then you can sort by context to just work on 'post-lab' work, which may be more urgent. Then you can plan out the order project as a whole, and when you check off pre-lab work, the next actions will automatically show up in post-lab without any manual work, other than defining contexts initially.