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I've got Omni Focus set up just this past week and it's really improved my productivity. It's fantastic.

But I've got one problem and wanted to post here in hopes of an answer. (I did a search of this forum and couldn't find a relevant issue -- so my apologies if this answer is already posted elsewhere in this forum, and can you point me to that thread?).

Basically, I keep a list of clients, and I have several projects for each client. So, in OmniFocus, each client is a "project," and the list of projects for each client is listed within the "project," as OmniFocus actions." So, as you can see, I do a bunch of child actions for each OmniFocus action "project".

In other words, I have it organized like this:

Project: Client A
Action: Project 1
Child Action:: Complete proposal for Project 1
Child Action: Contact vendors to initiate Project 1
Child Action: Set up appointment with first vendor

Action: Project 2
Child Action: Develop marketing ideas for Project 2
Child Action: Meet with client A to discuss marketing ideas
Child Action: Research potential distributors in specific market

My problem: it seems that when I turn on the "sort by due date" option, the child actions won't sort by due date.

Ideally, I'd like all the child actions within the main action to sort by due date, so I can see which actions need priority first. But OmniFocus can't seem to do it for me, unless I'm missing something here. Could some of you help out? Thanks.