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Hello, I am a PC user (so far, currently wondering to buy a mac...) and bought recently an iPhone. I know the GTD system and I am searching for a tool to use it.

Looking at the omnifocus software I would like to know if it is worthy if you do not have a mac. In fact, although I buy a mac for home I will allways have to use a PC for work.


Luis Romanos
I, too, use a PC at work, but bought OmniFocus just recently for my iPhone. There is no need to have a Mac to use this software, and it might only be strance if you've used the Mac prior to the phone. I am thrilled to have it on the iPhone (only) as it is absolutely workable. I'd bet many Mac users will not look to their desktops as much if they have the iPhone version as well. I recently spoke to the "Support Nijas" on another topic, and was lead to believe that a web UI verion is in the works for a possible release. Don't let that be a concern, as the iPhone software rocks if you are familiar with the GTD system.