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I agree that the OF's iPhone app is the best GTD app for iPhone out there, however, if you are in your GTD all day like I am, and working many projects (I currently have 46 active projects, with hundreds of tasks) and almost as many on hold or about to start, you'll appreciate entering and updating tasks on a desktop or laptop. There are things that cannot be done on the iPhone app. The most serious for me is entering a complete date for the task. If you tick each task off right when it is completed, the iPhone will work, however, I am so busy most days that I like to use downtime to tick off completions and sometimes that doesn't happen until the next day. I like to have the real date of completion instead of today's date that is always applied when ticking tasks with the iPhone app.

Another feature I miss is my full list of perspectives, though the OF folks are making some headway here, and my scripts which automate things like waiting for replys are also of course not available on the iPhone. Just my take for what it's worth, John.