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Get a trial account on and kick the tires. It's not an outstanding web interface to OmniFocus, but it is serviceable.

(No disrespect intended to the developer, it's literally the only option and the reason it exists is to facilitate OmniFocus/Basecamp interactions, not to be a Web OmniFocus)

If you go full-Android I would recommend one of the web GTD applications, the best one (imo) is NirvanaHQ, I haven't seen anything on Android that comes remotely close to OmniFocus. Nirvana doesn't either but it has a good interface and an offline mode and is the most serviceable.

// side note, I would not hate it if OmniGroup was more encouraging of third party developers to do this sort of thing if it isn't one of their priorities -- would really help a lot of users out, it's a common question.