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I used Nozbe for a while on a trial basis. My biggest complaints about it were that the interface was a bit clunky and the developer/company was really HEY HOW ARE YOU DOING LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT PRODUCTIVITY AND NOZBE.
Haha I had the same feeling. Plus almost no shortcuts. I tested "all" the apps on the market and tried to quit omnifocus twice... it is impossible.

@Mitch - why did you purchased Nexus? Is it because of you use a lot of google apps, size, price?
I have iPad 1, exclusively for OF and ebooks. I use some more apps, but basically that was the reason I purchased that. I tried to quit omnifocus and switch fully to Google based apps and use Nexus 7 and Google Nexus Galaxy, but OmniFocus beats everything.
So if it is price what concerned you, I would recommend to buy a pristine condition iPad 1 from eBay, cheaper than a new Nexus. Plus, it will work nicely with your iPhone (if you use iPhone). Believe me, OmniFocus on Mac + iPad is a killer. I really recommend it.