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Probably a safer proposition to buy an iPad 2 at this point, perhaps one with imperfect cosmetics if price is an issue. Even the iPad 2 misses out on some features in iOS 6; it's a false economy to buy nearly-obsolete hardware, IMO.
Good point. But if you use it only for OmniFocus, iCal and eBooks... Apple keeps the price of it's product. If you buy iPad/iPhone in excellent cosmetic condition, you will be able to sell it for much more (considering you will carry for that device). If you want to switch more tasks to iPad, you're right. I found much easier, quicker and more comfortable to have my base camp on my MacBook Pro. But, it is uncomfortable to read on MBP, and weekly reviewing on iPad rocks. If you don't need games, camera, 3G connection (iPad 1 has Wi-Fi - good enough for me), bunch of software which requires iPad 2/3, etc., iPad 1 will be the cheapest solution. Also, accessories for iPad 1 are cheaper (like Apple case) than for iPad 3. Depends what you want to use it for. For my needs, I find no difference in iPad 1 and 3.