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I've searched the web high and low for a way to turn a birthday reminder in iCal into an OF task, so I can remember to buy a card, find a gift, etc.

Syncing seems all oriented toward getting OF tasks into iCal. I need to sync the other way around.

Surely there's a way to do this???
I would suggest using OmniFocus Mail Drop for this type of functionality.
  1. Sign up for the OmniFocus Mail Drop
  2. Add your personal OmniFocus Mail Drop email address to your contact card.
  3. For each of the individual you want to receive a reminder in OmniFocus for set an alarm type of email to your OmniFocus Mail Drop email address at the preferred time prior to the day of the individuals birthday. (e.g. 1 week)

Works for me. FYI notes are pulled across, but I received an error with an attached .txt file in the calendar item.

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