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It looks to me as though OmniFocus might be The Magic Productivity Tool I've always wanted.

What does it have for options for, say, notifying users of things? I need periodic reminders of things, because I don't check my lists if I don't have something to tell me to.

Also, assuming there's any notification, how configurable are the forms? I will throw laptops across the room before using something that flashes, bounces, or otherwise animates constantly when it wants attention. (Changing color or something like that is fine, but motion swamps me very quickly and throws me into sensory overload. I can't cope.)
There are no notifications. Notifications are anathema to the GTD methodology which stresses developing the habit of regularly reviewing your lists of projects and actions. Several people have asked for the ability to highlight overdue actions, but thus far nothing like that is in the application. I wouldn't personally call such highlighting a "notification". To me, notification implies something that interrupts what I'm doing to tell me to do something else.