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Oh - that's a bug in the exporter dialog. What you have to do is select to export another type, and then reselect latex article and it will show up just nicely (as a folder with a single document in it).

I'm doing my PhD dissertation as a series of omiouliner files that I export to LaTeX. So if you have any questions on the quirks feel free to ask (as I've prety much seen it all at this point).

For example:
1. If you have bolded or underlined text NOT using their formatting on the left it will get munged on the export. Do not do this. In fact, just don't bother at all. IF you want emphasis, use the \emph{} tag right in the document rather than the emph tag (or hotkey F3)
2. If you are writing in the rows rather than the comments at the bottom and you include a carriage return inside a single row, the exporter will not recognize it.
3. If you paste in quotes from Word or any rich text editor, they will get munged. Quotes in LaTeX are supposed to be `` and '' respectively, anyway.
4. It only exports the first column (which is great for making inline comments, but bad if that's not what you expect).
5. You REALLY should put any LaTeX tables or formulae in the 'notes' pane rather than the rows. Generally when writing LaTeX in OOP it makes sense to view the notes inline rather than at the bottom.

Yeah, its very sensitive and fickle, but once you get used to the quirks it works like a charm. I've already published two articles written entirely in OmniOutliner and exported to LaTeX. I can't see myself using anything else now, except in collaborative work. The only probably is that I have to make changes twice when I start tweaking the document in TextMate (or TexShop, which is what I used to use) - once in the actual Tex document and then again in the OOP file.

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