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What could it possibly mater to anyone if I chose to implement a priority system, or for that mater if I ask for one. I payed my $80 like everyone else.

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I'm looking elsewhere now, as I think I wandered into a chapel instead of a feature request thread.
I really hope you don't end up with a negative view of OmniFocus based solely on the opinions of this user community. Ultimately, for you, it doesn't really matter what we (other users) think; we don't necessarily represent the viewpoint of the Omni Group. If an explicit priorities-based system works for you, then you should use it. And if you can convince the Omni Group to add support for it in OmniFocus, then more power to you.

However, keep in mind that asking for a priorities feature in an open forum for an application that is inspired by a methodology that actively eschews explicit priorities is sure to draw criticism and debate.

This forum is all about open discussion. If one is brave enough to submit a proposal, they should also be brave enough to accept an honest response from the community. If that's not what's desired, the best course of action is to simply not post in the first place, and instead send the feature request directly to the Omni Group (via Help -> Send Feedback).

Personally, I tend to agree with the GTD approach: explicit priorities are at best unnecessary and at worst a waste of time. There's no dogma here, no religion, no crusade - just my personal opinion.

I argue against priorities in OmniFocus simply because nothing is free. Every new feature adds complexity, increases the risk of bugs, and consumes valuable engineering resources. In my mind, explicit priorities just aren't worth it.

However, I think a generic, multi-purpose metadata column that could be used for priorities (among other things) would be an acceptable compromise. I hope that maybe others feel the same way.


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