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1) Well, first I disagree with your reading of the passage. A reasonable person, I think, can rightly conclude that the connotation of the passage is much stronger than your are suggesting. As written, the passage is ambiguous, certainly. But interpreting the passage literally to mean 'Some' in the sense of "Somewhere in the universe there exists an example of an alternative management style to which OF fits" is flatly absurd. The connotation is clearly is that OmniFocus is a flexible product and can used to work with a broad range of styles.
I don't know, I think I'm pretty reasonable and I tend to agree with MEP's interpretation: OF works well with GTD in addition to some other styles. The wide variety of styles practiced by users of this forum demonstrates this nicely. So I would say the passage is accurate, and the fact there's currently little support for strict priorities doesn't invalidate it.

Anyway, this is all largely irrelevant if support for metadata columns is soon added.