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I tend to agree with Curt. I find it most helpful to create a TODO (in TextMate) inline. That way, I don't have to switch apps to get something out of my head. TexMate has a very useful feature for showing all todo's, etc.

Here's my workflow:

Used as a collaborative planning tool for our dev team

My personal GTP app, basecamp tasks get sent to OF via Curt's awesome mail script. I also tweak the project in OF by setting up milestones and proper "next action" for a 10,000 ft view. Again, TextMate handles the more granular "to-dos" such as "Make sure the user can delete items".

Used for day-to-day programming and for granular "to-dos" using the TODO bundle.

SCM/Bug tracking
I've been playing with Redmine lately, which is similar to TRAC but written in Ruby. It supports bug tracking and displaying roadmaps and your SCM repo. Looks like it "could" have the ability to hook with OF, but I haven't gotten that far.

Future request/wishlist
1. I would LOVE the ability to have Basecamp to-do's arrive in my mail inbox, then get placed in OF by the title of the to-do. Currently, the OF mail script uses the generic Basecamp subject line as the to-do task name. I wonder if the script can be modified for this? I know nothing about AppleScript.

2. Sharing a common OF project across a team. I know that the OF 1.1 supports syncing to WebDAV, but I wonder about the possibility of separating projects as independant databases? For example, most of my team uses OF for personal and work. It would be cool to have a central hosted version that our PM could access and add tasks to, then those projects could get "pushed" to each client app. "Kind of" like subscribing to an iCal feed, but 2-way.

We keep looking for a way to leaverage OF in a team environment, anyone have experiences to share? Would love to hear about other programmers workflow.