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So I'm back to OmniFocus (woohoo!), and have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me with:

1. From the Projects sidebar, how do you get to the project itself to add tasks, notes, etc., via the keyboard?

In other words, say app focus is on Project "A" in the sidebar. What key do I press to jump to Project "A" in the main window so I can edit a note for that project? I know the shortcut to edit the note while focus is on the main window (command + apostrophe).

2. Is there a way to insert a link in the notes section? Let's say I have a folder with the files that correspond to a project. Can I put in a link to that folder, ideally via a "browse" window?

3. Lastly, the Inbox has a number display of how many items it contains. Can I have a similar count for folders for how many projects they contain, or how many tasks a project has?