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1. From the Projects sidebar, how do you get to the project itself to add tasks, notes, etc., via the keyboard?
cmd-4 (View->Go To Main Outline)
2. Is there a way to insert a link in the notes section? Let's say I have a folder with the files that correspond to a project. Can I put in a link to that folder, ideally via a "browse" window?
Drag and drop the file/folder on the note, or use Edit->Attach File... (which will give you the option to embed a copy of the file instead of making a link)
3. Lastly, the Inbox has a number display of how many items it contains. Can I have a similar count for folders for how many projects they contain, or how many tasks a project has?
I don't think so. By the way, if you have an item in the Inbox which has a due date in the past or near future (within your "Due Soon" period), you won't get a display of the count of items in the Inbox, but rather the count of due or nearly due items.