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Thanks for all of your responses and your patience. At this point, I'm trying to figure out if my copy of OF is acting funny, or if this is a bug / unintended effect.

Okay, so yes, you're partially correct, at least with my copy of OF:

- Hitting "Return" does indeed add an action to the project, even if I'm in the sidebar, meaning I don't have to hit CMD+4 first.

- Hitting CMD+' while in the sidebar reveals the note, but doesn't enter "Edit Note" mode. This is global, meaning if I have a folder with several projects in it selected in the sidebar, CMD+' will show all of their notes.

- If I hit CMD+4, and then CMD+' on a project WITH a note, the note becomes visible, but does not go into "Edit Note" mode. It stays grey.

- If I hit CMD+4, and then CMD+' on a project WITHOUT a note, nothing happens.

The shortest way (without using the mouse) that I've found is to shift focus to the main window, and then use the arrow keys to actually highlight the desired project, and then hit CMD+' to enter "Edit Note" mode. But again, this seems wrong somehow. The project should be highlighted automatically when I shift focus to the main window, right?

Is this the same behavior you're seeing? If not, I'll try upgrading to the latest build, trashing preferences, contacting support, etc.

Thanks again for your help!