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- Hitting "Return" does indeed add an action to the project, even if I'm in the sidebar, meaning I don't have to hit CMD+4 first.
Yes, that's what I see. I'm not a keyboard-only fanatic (I'll happily use the trackpad to switch windows, apparently without even noticing!) but that seems like it ought to be the most common case, not editing the notes.
- Hitting CMD+' while in the sidebar reveals the note, but doesn't enter "Edit Note" mode. This is global, meaning if I have a folder with several projects in it selected in the sidebar, CMD+' will show all of their notes.

- If I hit CMD+4, and then CMD+' on a project WITH a note, the note becomes visible, but does not go into "Edit Note" mode. It stays grey.

- If I hit CMD+4, and then CMD+' on a project WITHOUT a note, nothing happens.
My mistake here; I didn't actually try to edit the note, just saw that it opened (and didn't try it on a project without a note). But they got the case I care most about right, see above :-) Sorry for not spotting the differences.
The shortest way (without using the mouse) that I've found is to shift focus to the main window, and then use the arrow keys to actually highlight the desired project, and then hit CMD+' to enter "Edit Note" mode. But again, this seems wrong somehow. The project should be highlighted automatically when I shift focus to the main window, right?
I think a reasonable argument could be made for that behavior (and I can't think of an argument offhand why that behavior would be detrimental). On the other hand, I've been using OmniFocus for almost as long as it has been possible to do so, and hadn't noticed this problem until you mentioned it yesterday!

The keyboard shortcut I want to see most (and I should think you'd want it too) is one to hop in and out of the inspector. Send in your request with Help->Send Feedback for that as well and I'll send one in for yours :-)